Hey Dudes Its me the owner of the wiki TTGexpert since there is no Admins I will gets some Admins at this beautiful wikia so here you go there are the requirements of being a admin the rules are the same rules of like the Regular show Wiki Remember keep it Y7FV/PG It has to be PG and below. No harrasing. No Pig Latin or any other language exept english. Age if your age is 13 and below do not tell age. Put Anything related to regular show or fandom regular show. no racism. no trolling. Only Swering is P*** and H*** make it like pawn stars. Next rule this is the most important HAVE FUN and no Spamming or for any rule broke you get banned for a year or FOREVER. Have fun.


To be a admin read the requirements to be a admin below.

  • Have Knowledge of Rules
  • Have a Account
  • Have Least 20 Edits

Request are OpenEdit