The Adventures of Razor and Jayman
Season 1, Episode 1
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Directed by User:TTGexpert
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"The Adventures of Razor and Jayman 2"
TTGexpert: Ok guys this is the series i made and soon i will make a movie w/ no writing but a video enjoy the show the movies called  "The Chosen one" once i get the right camera equipment and animation i am making it 4D or 3D no glasses In Coming soon 2016 December 31 if not then it will be wrote in letters and guess what after the movie all my episodes will be 2D videos or 3D so soon

Manecai: Ok now rugby we are superheros now what?

Rugby: lets get some rad costumes

Manecai:Well we need a secret identidy

Rugby: ill be Razor

Manecai: ill be Jayman

Superhero montage

Razor: YEAH


Jayman: Lets fight